Wood floors are sturdy and can last decades. They are usually more expensive to install than carpeting. They have a reputation for being hard to care for.

There are many different types of wood used for flooring. There are also many different stains and decorative treatments.


  • beauty
  • fewer allergens
  • easy to clean
  • long lasting


  • can be slippery or scratchable for pets
  • can be damaged by too much or too little humidity
Magic Carpet Dazy

wood floor with runner rug and a comfy-looking dog


  • hardness of different wood species
  • color
  • wood grain
  • acoustics
    Wood floors reflect sound. Some people think they are too noisy. Others select it because it can be good for music.
  • finish
    natural, varnish, stain
    oil or water base
    prefinished or finished on site


Pre-finished, modular wood flooring has made it easier to install wood flooring as a do it yourself project.

Installing a wooden floor using boards and then finishing them will take longer but provide more flexibility in wood choices and patterns. Before applying the finish, the floor is usually sanded. This can create a great deal of sawdust. An oil finish will take several days to a week to dry -- during which time the floor should not be walked on or have anything on it.


  • wipe up spills promptly
  • dry mop or sweep up grit to avoid scratches



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