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wood desk, wood floor

Wood is an important material in many homes. It is used to build the structures that hold the homes. Many pieces of furniture are build or framed with wood. Wood is also part of many decorative objects, for instance, picture frames.

Wood also serves other purposes in homes. It is burned in fireplaces. There are many wood toys that have become classics.

Wood comes in many different natural colors. It can be stained or painted. Different species have a variety of harnesses and degrees of flexibility. Wood has a grain that can provide texture and appearance patterns.

Wood comes from trees. Some of the kinds of wood used in homes are pine, cherry, oak, cedar, teak, ash, mahogany, birch.

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Wood may need polishing. Too much dampness can warp wood or encourage the growth of mold on it. On the other hand, if it gets too dry, it can cause cracking or other damage.

Other usesEdit

Various woods have different properties. For instance, the moths that eat clothing don't like cedar. So cedar chips or containers, such as a cedar chest are sometimes used to protect clothing or other cloth-based items, like blankets or quilts. Cedar also stands up to dampness better than many other woods, so it is sometimes used for roof shingles.


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