How to wire a BT Phone Socket

"how to wire a BT phone socket"

Modern homes are wired for multiple purposes: electricity, sound, automation, computer networking and telephone connectivity.

Because wiring carries electricity, having it done correctly is a safety issue. Between the power source and the circuits in a building or home, there is a control center -- either a service panel or fuse box.

Before anyone works on the electrical system, the appropriate circuits should be shut off at the service panel or the fuse box. Each of these are the controls for circuits, and it's a good idea to identify and label which switch (or breaker) on the service panel or which fuse in the fuse box controls which electrical outlets and which major appliances.

Old Murray Fuse Box

fuse box

It's good to know which wires go where and how to turn off the power to the wires in that circuit when necessary -- either to do work on the system or to turn it off when there's a danger.


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electrical service panel

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