Burleigh Falls - December 2005 -3-
In general, the winter or colder months are good ones for indoor maintenance chores. The following checklist is provided as a starting point for some of the things that many need to be done during the winter to keep your home in good shape. What do you think we should add to this checklist? Feel free to click on the edit button and add to the text below.

  • interior decorating
  • declutter, clear out and organize spaces in your home, especially storage spots like the closets, the attic or basement
  • if the winter gets you down, plan for the spring and gardening, order seeds, start some seeds indoors or force some flowers or herbs in pots
  • clean out the pantry, get rid of any old or possibly unsafe foods
  • get estimates for spring or summer work that might require a contractor
  • repair or replace flooring (good time for sales in late winter)
  • prune roses (some other plants grow and flower best, if they are trimmed during cold weather)
  • learn a new hobby (one that helps you keep in shape is good)
  • check around the outside walls for cold spots
    These are places where you may need additional insulation. You can do somethings to prevent heat loss now. See spot insulation.
  • have a way to keep warm even if the power is out for awhile (wood for the fireplace, gas for a small heater, etc.)
  • keep some food and water in case you're stuck and unable to get out and resupply for awhile (at least some of the food should not require heating)
  • make sure you have snow and ice clearing materials
    • snow shovel
    • salt
    • sand or gravel for traction
  • have an extra blanket
  • gadgets that don't need power -- manual can opener, battery based radio, see emergency supplies



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