Windchimes are a popular FengShui tool and are now popular worldwide. Once popular only in Japan and China, it is now being loved by people all over the world. The melodious sounds releasing out of it are sure to instill positivity and tranquility in the house.

Wind chimes are well known for their soothing, medicating and melodious sounds. It keeps the body and soul relaxed by shooting out stress in seconds by emitting a wonderfully relaxing sound. It ensures that the positive energy is harnessed harmoniously and wards you off the evil energies. Wind chimes are a popular décor item for both outdoors and indoors.


This beautiful décor item has been used as a therapy for curing illness and bad fortune. It is believed that the quality of life improves and positive energies travel in the house if chimes are hanged in the right place. It stops the negative energies from entering home and maintains a positive ambience in the house.

It is also believed that earlier windchimes  were used to guard off against evil spirits and scare animals in the field.  But in the present time, the wind chimes are considered as a décor item. It can beautify your outdoor space well. Hang it in your balcony or your garden and enjoy the melodious sound it produces when the wind is blowing. If thinking of hanging indoors, it can conveniently be hanged against the window or the ventilator so that you can enjoy the pleasant ringing sounds inside the home too. Wind chimes are an excellent gifting option too. So whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, farewell, house warming or a marriage anniversary, you can gift serenity and tranquility to your near and dear ones on special occasions.


Windchimes can be crafted with metal, glass, wood or bamboo. The sound quality will largely depend on the type of material that is used. The tubes come in various lengths, diameters and forms and create a different sound with different materials. The sound coming out the wood chimes will be entirely different from the sound that is emitted out of the metal chimes. If gifting, carefully weigh what the likes and dislike of the person are.

Wind chimes are available online in number of shopping sites. These are available in a delightful range from hundreds to thousands to suit the pocket of one and all. Buy from a trusted online site and invite tranquility and peace in the magical way! Simply surf, choose the material and pick the one that makes your personal space echo melody.

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