Fallingwater House - Frank Lloyd Wright (1937)

Fallingwater - a famous home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

This article is for sharing water saving tips. Saving water is good for the planet. It's also good for lowering your water bill.

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  • turn off the water while you brush your teeth
  • collect the water that runs while you're running water through to get to the hot water for washing or bathing -- that cold water can be used to water plants, mop floors etc.
  • a dishwasher usually is a more efficient way to wash dishes than by hand
  • if you need to water your yard, do it early or late in the day, or even at night (less evaporates)
  • check for water leaks
  • take a "Navy shower" (see references), basically you turn off the wanter while soaping up or shampooing
  • catch or direct rainwater for use
  • consider water efficiency when purchasing appliances such as clothes washers or dishwashers
In the garden

rain water barrel in the garden -- catches water from the gutter downspout and can be used to water the garden or other purposes



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