H2O or water

Water is a critical resource. As part of our homes, it's used to drink, to cook, to clean and for fun. A safe, clean source of water is essential for health.

Pure water is made up of molecules that have 2 hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom (H2O).



drinking water


Water can be drunk plain, or with flavorful additives: tea, lemon, powdered drinks and others. Contaminated drinking water is a major source of illness around the world.


Water is used for boiling, steaming -- so, for the actual cooking processes. It's also an essential ingredient for many recipes.


Soap and water are the quintessential cleaning supplies.

Fun and entertainmentEdit

Water is part of many fun activities. For example, water is used to fill a swimming pool, for playing in the sprinkler system, a water fountain and setting up a water slide.


Water is key to life and is often used in metaphors and phrases. "Testing the waters" is an expression meaning to found out if something can be liked, for example, sticking a finger into the swimming pool to test the temperature and suitability for swimming. Other phrases include

  • fish out of water
  • walk on water
  • just add water
  • keep your head above water
Zen Water

one more drop of water



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