Antique Wardrobe

an antique wardrobe

A wardrobe can refer to a set of clothing or a piece of furniture -- freestanding storage for clothing or a closet. This article is about the furniture.

Most wardrobes have a section for hanging clothes. Many also have drawers, shelves, a mirror and places for jewelry, make-up or other items you might use when getting dressed. Some wardrobes have wheels to make them easier to move around. A wardrobe has the advantage over a closet that it can be moved, so it provides greater flexibility in room arrangements.

Homes in the U.S. and some other regions tend to have built in closets instead of using separate wardrobes. Fancier closets eliminate the need for bureaus too by having drawer and shelf space. But there are regional differences in homes, and in some places, free standing closets or wardrobes are more common.

Some travel chests or suitcases were designed to stand upright and hold clothes much like a traveling wardrobe.
Other related terms: armoire, cupboard, trunk

Cs lewis statue

C.S. Lewis statue and a wardrobe  :-)


See the articles on the literature wikia... C. S. Lewis wrote a famous set of stories, The Chronicles of Narnia, which begins with The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. In the story, some children step through a wardrobe into another world.

The Harry Potter wikia also has some articles that include wardrobe related topics. They include Tom Riddle's wardrobe, door opening spell (and others about the bogart in the wardrobe in the staffroom) and the smallest bedroom.

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