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Wallpaper can dramatically change the look of a room. Wallpaper can add texture, color and/or designs to a room. It can be a single, solid color, a pattern, a picture and can even include textures. Some wallpaper includes glittery or shiny surfaces.

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wallpaper on the right; paint on the left

When wallpapering a room, put on a base coat first. Otherwise getting it off later may be very difficult. As when painting a wall, preparing the wall first will make the treatment look better.

Sometimes wallpaper can be used to provide a decorative surface for other objects, such as boxes or shelves.

Steam can help get wallpaper off the wall. Sometimes this is part of an intentional removal, but in humid locations, such as bathroom, unintentional loosening of the wallpaper can be an issue.

There are some relatively new types of wallpaper which are designed to be temporary. Sometimes they are called apartment wallpaper.


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