It was the day of the merge and Mackenzie and Hilary's conflict went way off after Mackenzie hurt her sister's feelings. Because of this, Blaze, Hilary and AJ form an alliance to vote her out.


(At elimination, everyone began to vote.)

  • Aidan: "Okay. So it was AJ's true confidence nature that lead him to victory. It must be harsh because only one gets solo immunity."
  • Hilary: "You can say that again."
  • Aidan: "And Mackenzie. You would have to feel awful about hurting Hilary's feelings. Mackenzie!"
  • Mackenzie: "Sorry. I'm trying to remember what feeling awful is like."
  • Aidan: "Blaze might remember since he started to worry about a girl getting shy, a lot."
  • Blaze: "She's not just any girl. She's Hilary. That's all I want to know."
  • Aidan: "And AJ. I'd say you're the one who had immunity."
  • AJ: "Yeah. Of course and..."
  • Aidan: "Ooh. No one wants to hear it. Just take the flower. Little Worry Truck. You're safe too."
  • AJ: "Worry Truck?"

(That leaves Hilary and Mackenzie the bottom two.)

  • Aidan: "Hilary!"
  • Hilary: "Yes."
  • Aidan: "I'm sorry that your feelings are hurt and that you're shy and all but...Think fast."

(Hilary receives the last flower.)

  • Hilary: "Yes."
  • Mackenzie: "What!? You voted me off?! Me?!"

(Confessional: AJ.)

  • AJ: "Even with my confidence. I can still help Hilary eliminate her sister. That's why she recruited me and Blaze to join in an alliance with her. But the real reason, a hurting someone's feelings person and some people even call me a kid of everyone's world. What? That's what I am."

(End of confessional. Mackenzie is now in the Limousine.)

  • Mackenzie: "How could you do this to me? After everything! We are so done!"

(The door closed.)

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