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My main user page is at the Central Wikia. To contact me, please leave messages on my talk page there.

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My contributions to this Wikia. 4,964 edits.

My HomesEdit

I, CocoaZen, have lived in apartments (multistory, flat and townhouse styles), in attached and detached, ranch houses and dorms. I've only lived in two countries and never in a rural area, so it would be great if you could help fill in information from your different experiences.

Current activities on this siteEdit

Trying to fill out some stubs to reduce the number of them.

Trying out the achievement badges on this site.

Want to learn more about the option for fixing a cracked and tilted concrete driveway.

Useful linksEdit

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My main user and talk pages are on the Central Wikia.  
Currently, I'm working mostly on the Home wikia.  
No special projects at the current time -- too much "real life" interference.  :-)
Please stop by and answer the poll on the main page of the Home wikia.


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