We got a new trashcan. It has made us happy. That is all

A trash can with a lid and foot pedal to open it.

A trash can is a receptacle for trash or garbage. The most appropriate type will vary based on the type of trash or garbage. For contents that may spoil, smell or damage some materials because of their dampness, a metal or plastic container with a lid may be most appropriate. For other places where the majority of the things disposed will be dry and relatively stable, fitting into the decor may be a higher priority. This could be the case in a home office where the majority of the items thrown out will be paper. (In this case rather than being a trash collector, it might be for recycling.)

For some purposes having a plastic or paper bag lining in the can will make it easier to collect up the contents later. The lining may also keep the can from getting dirty as quickly.


Other names include trash basket, garbage can, wastepaper basket, kitchen bin, garbage barrel and other variations. Larger, external receptacles put outside for collection may also be called a litter bin, wheelie bin, skip, dumpster or trash barrel. The names vary regionally and carry connotations about size, interior or exterior use and types of waste.

Funepa the grouch

Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater or the kitty out with the trash! (A kitty checking out the view from inside a paper waste basket?)


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