Town Houses, Coleraine

townhouses (Coleraine)

A townhouse is usually part of a set of attached houses, a row of similar houses. They are most commonly found in urban areas and are generally multi-story because of the high value of land in those areas. Townhouses tend to have very small to no front yard with a larger backyard, usually narrow and smaller than a detached house.

The term townhouse has many different connotations. In earlier centuries it referred to an additional home in the city for those whose primary estate was in the country, but who could afford a home in the livlier city. Often the home was used for the "season". That is the social season or when government (parliament) was in session. Now a townhouse is often the primary residence for those who can't afford a home in the suburbs or country, or who prefer the easier maintenance and access to the amenities of being near downtown or a city center.


Walkin' the Concrete in Philly

townhouses (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

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