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toaster oven

A toaster oven is a small appliance that can be used to toast or cook a small item.

Toaster ovens are generally smaller, not as well insulated or powerful as regular ovens. Because they are used to heat only a small space for a relatively short time, they can be quicker and more efficient than heating an entire, full sized oven.


Clean toaster ovens periodically so they don't have too much junk inside that could catch on fire. Also, because they are not as well insulated as major appliances, make sure you don't have anything that could be harmed by the heat too close to your toaster oven, especially while it is in use. Some frozen dinners and other foods will have labels saying you should not use toaster ovens to heat them. And because toaster ovens have electrical cords that are used and moved more often and near the heat, be careful that the cord does not become frayed or worn.