Kitchen Timer

a kitchen timer shaped like a cheeseburger

Homes can have many different timers for a variety of purposes -- kitchen timers, built in appliance times, timers for plugs. They can be used to time events, like how long something has been cooking or to automate when something will happen, like a plug timed designed to turn a light on and off at specific times of day. Sometimes people put things on times to make it look like people are home during a vacation or trip when the home in unoccupied. Some appliances have built in timers, like coffee makers you can set to make the coffee in the morning or clothes dryers that turn off after a set time period.

Perfect Egg Timer

this egg timer goes into the pot with the eggs to indicate when they are done


  • time length (max, min, flexibility)
  • if it makes a noise, how well can you hear it
  • aesthetics
  • easy to set?
  • price
  • storage
  • durability

an hourglass, one of the original home timers, smaller versions are still frequently used to time cooking things like "3 minute eggs"


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