tile around the bath

Tile can be used as a surface in multiple different parts of a home. Probably the most common is as a flooring, but it can also be used on walls, or even as the surface of a counter or table. Sometimes tile is purely functional. It provides a hard, cleanable surface that is generally not harmed by liquids. But tile can also be decorative -- tiles on ovens and fireplaces in the Netherlands, wall designs in bathrooms or decorative back splashes in kitchens. In addition, tiles can be used as furnishings -- tiles used as hot pads or permanent signs (identifying the home owners or address).

Tiles in some rooms of the house may have to be properly regulated such as in the bathroom where dampness can be left behind giving a chance for mold to grow. It is best to remove mold with a strong mold remover for the grout inbetween the tiles.

Tiles come in different sizes, colors and textures. So tiled surfaces can fit into many different styles of decor. They can also serve many different purposes.

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tiled walkway



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