In order to keep a home clean and sanitary, it is necessary to take out the garbage on a regular basis. There are many variations to the way trash, garbage, recycling and composting are handled. In some places, there is a government agency (or more than one) that picks up the trash, builds sewers, and handles recyclables. Other locations require individuals to take care of these services or use private contractors.

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No matter which technique is used to remove the waste from the home, one household chore is identifying and putting it the correct place for removal. This can involve emptying trash or garbage cans into outside bins, trash shoots, recycling bins or garbage dumpsters. Or, it could involve driving the waste to a garbage dump.

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If something is not actually garbage and may be useful to others, consider alternatives to throwing it away into a landfill or sea garbage. Some alternatives are donating, selling, or giving to others for reuse.

Bulk garbageEdit

Bulk garbage pick-up varies by site. Some garbage pick-up services include a certain amount of bulk disposal. Sometimes this is included in the normal fees or taxes; other times it requires additional payment. There are also services which will drop off a container (a dumpster, trailer, industrial strength boxes) that can be filled with garbage (construction debris, old junk, etc.) and then picked up for disposal at a later date. Some samples of these services are listed below under "external links". Please feel free to add more.

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These are samples; your location may have different services. Feel free to add a link to them here.

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