Structures are the shells, the shelters that we can potentially turn into a home. There are structures for all kinds of climates and locations.


Some of the things to consider when deciding which type of structure will provide the shelter for your home are

House Plans- Overview

different external views of a structure


How much does it cost? Do your want, can you afford to buy or will you be renting? Have you looked at your budget?


Is it near where you work? your friends? your preferred entertainment? It may not be near in an absolute sense, but is the transportation between it and those other places easy? expensive? Do you like the neighborhood? Are the services you want provided?


Would a home that can be moved make sense for you? Do you like camping or boating?


Do you plan to stay in one place for a long time? This can also affect the buy/rent decision.


How many people do you expect to live in your home? How many guests? Do you have a lot of possessions?


What style building and furnishings do you like? What matches your taste?

Some house styles are

For other styles of decorating, see decor.

Other types of homes, like apartment buildings, may have some of the same styles.


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