Cotswolds scene

stone houses, Cotswolds, UK

Stone has been used throughout recorded history as a building material. It is also used in furniture and furnishings. Some kinds of stone that may be found in homes are marble, granite, limestone or slate.

Floors, walls or even roofs may be made of stone. Counters, fireplaces and other objects built into the structure can be stone or faced with stone. Stone can also be used for furnishings or decorative objects. Some examples are bowls, statues or sculptures. In general, stone is too heavy for furniture, but it occasionally used as a formal dining room table, outdoor bench or similar object.

Patio and rockwork

stone patio and decorative rock work


As a material stone has the advantage that it does not burn at household temperatures. It can have interesting and varied textures. Stone provides insulation. It can fit into a "natural" look.

Stone can hold up under the weather better than many other materials. This makes it useful for outdoor fences, stairs or tables and benches.

Things made of stone can last a long time -- even centuries.


IMG 0048.JPG

a stone bench

  • If exposed to extreme cold or rapid changes in temperature, stone may crack.
  • Stone may appear cold or barren.
  • Stone floors tend to feel cooler than other materials.
  • Stone is generally heavier and more expensive than other materials.


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