Retro stepstool trash can

a "retro" step stool, a metal framed, high seated chair with retractable steps, tile floor and wall, trash can

A step stool allows users to reach slightly higher items than they can normally. It can be helpful when accessing items from higher shelves, changing a light bulb or testing a smoke detector.


A step stool can serve multiple purposes. As well as being used to reach high places, it is a stool. Some are designed to look nice enough to be used as regular furnishings or furniture instead of being stored away in between uses. Also, a small step stool can be convenient for people who don't like to sit on the floor while doing activities that require being lower down than a normal chair. Many step stools will also provide extra, temporary seating. Some children prefer sitting on a step stool, and some step stools have a nice padded top level which makes them a great alternative to a highchair for children who are old enough to sit on a chair, but maybe a bit too short to reach the table where the family is eating comfortably.

Victor loves to climb

Step stool


As with ladders, it is important to make sure the stool is stable before climbing up. You shouldn't reach out too far because it can create an imbalance.

Also, some step stools have a weight limit. Some are designed for children and are not strong enough for an adult's weight.


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