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A staple is "a basic or essential supply" or "food".[1]

In other words, staples are the kinds of things you want to keep around the house. The items that are considered basic are different for different households. For instance, one family might always keep whole wheat bread and peanut butter around for regular use while another might consider orange juice a daily necessity.

Many staples are food items. Some are other supplies, like bathroom tissue. Some staples can be stored in bulk and over a long time period, while others need to be restocked regularly. Also staples may vary over time. When there's a baby in the house, diapers (nappies) may be on your staples list. Or staples can change depending on the season or weather.

Other meaningsEdit

Staples can also mean the small metal pieces that can be used to pierce some pages of paper and then be bent by the stapler to hold those pages together. The act of connecting pages with a stapler is to staple them.


If you have enough storage space, it's good to buy the staples that can be stored for longer periods of time when they are on sale or to buy them cheaper in bulk. This saves you money, but also keeps you from needing to run to the store because you ran out of a basic, like a light bulb.

Keep a list of the things you consider as staples. Use it to guide your shopping, planting or other planning.

Some things you can store for longer time periods (at least a year) are

  • canned goods - fruit, vegetables, meat, soups
  • paper goods - paper towels, tissues, toilet paper, paper plates, plastic ware
  • office or school supplies - paper, pens, pencils
  • light bulbs
  • some clothing items - socks, undergarments

But keep in mind, it's not a savings, even if it's a great sale, if it's something you don't need or want.



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