Spring tree

a tree blooming in spring

The following list of reminders for spring activities and chores will need to be tailored for each home and maybe over time as your household changes. What do you think we should add to this checklist? Feel free to click on the edit button and add to the text below.
  • get out the gardening tools
  • plant seeds
    • if you live in a cooler climate, you may want to pre-start some indoors
  • if you have a sprinkler system get it ready for summer
  • test your fire alarm
  • clean-up what was hidden under the snow
  • switch out warm weather clothing for cool
    • get out stored warm weather clothing -- does it still fit, need buttons, what's missing?
    • clean and put away warm weather clothing
  • check that the lawn equipment is in good shape (repair or replace if necessary)
  • get out, clean and set up any lawn furniture
  • prepare outdoor sports and exercise equipment for use
    • for instance, are the bicycle tires pumped up?
  • spring cleaning
    • do you need some supplies to do a thorough house cleaning?
    • clean those areas that aren't part of the normal daily, weekly or monthly cleaning
    • open up and let the fresh air in
  • swap out storm windows for window screens
  • prepare your car for warmer weather
    • change from winter tires or take off chains, if used
    • keep some water in the trunk in case it's needed for a radiator leak etc.
    • stock the car with an umbrella, sunscreen or anything else you want to keep available in summer
  • if you're in the U.S. prepare and file your taxes
    Some house expenses, such as mortgage interest and repairs that increase energy efficiency may reduce the taxes your owe.
  • inspect the exterior walls, roof and basement for leaks, mold or mildew, cracks, winter damage or other damage which might not have been visible under snow or ice
  • prepare the swimming pool for swimming season (fill, treat)


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