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a close-up of a pink sponge

Sponges are a useful tool for keeping your home clean. Most household sponges are artificially made, but originally they came from the sponge plant in the seas and oceans.

Sponges are commonly made up of cellulose wood fibres, or foamed plastic polymers. Loofah sponges are made of the dried fruit from the luffa plant.

Sponges due to their structure to soak up water and clean effectively on a lot of surfaces and can gather a lot of bacteria as well. You can clean them by dirty running them through the dishwasher. Another way to clean them is to allow them to be soak with water, placing them in the microwave oven and run it for two minutes. This will effectively reach the denaturing threshold for any growth of bacteria and fungi. You can also reduce the growth of bacteria by allowing the sponge to dry between uses. Many synthetic sponges now advertise anti-bacterial properties from anti-microbial toxins.

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Other uses of sponges may include body cleansing or painting walls.


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