Soap bar

bars of soap

Soap is an important item in most households. It helps us stay clean and healthy. Soap helps remove dirt and dissolves into water, so the dirt, oil, grease, etc. can be removed. There are many different types of salt, ingredients and strength vary. Basically most soaps are a combination of oil or fat and lye. Then different scents (often perfumes, sometimes herbs) are added. Moisturizer, detergent, bleach or other ingredients are added to change the characteristics of the soap.

Some soaps are designed for cleaning people, and even more specialized shampoos for hair, facial cleansers, antibiotic liquids for hands, etc. Decorative soaps are designed for guests -- hotels, guest rooms, "half baths". Other soaps are tailored for cleaning things -- dish detergents, laundry soaps or detergents, Murphy's Oil soap for flooring.


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