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a smoke alarm

A smoke alarm is an important safety device.

To improve your safety with smoke alarms, keep in mind their

It's good to have alarms just outside the bedrooms to alert sleepers. (If you have a smoker in the house, you might want an alarm in that bedroom.)
Many smoke alarms run on batteries. Change them regularly. In places with Daylight Savings Time changes, you can use that as a reminder to change the batteries.
When you change the batteries, or if they don't have batteries, at least twice a year, test the alarm. Most alarms have a light that should be on all the time. They also have a button you can press to test the sound.

Battery systems have the advantage that they'll work even when the electricity is interrupted. But some people remove the batteries when the alarm is accidentally set of by cooking, and then forget to replace the batteries.

It is recommended to open windows or doors when cooking, just in case steam sets it off. If your cooking creates a lot of smoke or steam, turn on the exhaust fan, if you have one.


  • batteries versus power attached
  • alternatives for the hard of hearing


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