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a kitchen sink

Sinks come in lots of different sizes and styles. There are small vanity sinks, bar sinks, large laundry room sinks, and more.

Sinks are commonly found in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms.

The primary purpose for most sinks is cleaning. They are used for cleaning people, dishes, clothes and other items.

Materials: stainless steel, stone (marble, granite, etc.), ceramic, glass, enamel.

Sinks usually have

  • a basin (on or set into a counter)
  • fixtures: a faucet and knobs or handles to control the flow of water
  • a drain

Most kitchen sinks in North America and Canada contain a garbage disposal unit, which have small containers instead of just a drain pipe, with fanned blades that spin in order to tear pieces of food into smaller pieces so it can wash out with water through the sewage system.

bathroom sink


  • size
  • appearance
  • faucet and drain
  • materials and special cleaning needs (for instance, some sink enamels scratch and are damaged by some common household cleaning materials)
  • A newer design feature of some sinks is the way they are set below the counter without a rim, making it easier to wipe the counter.


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