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A shovel is a tool for digging. There are different kinds of shovels. A classic manually powered shovel has a blade, a connecting stick long enough for the user to stand, and a handle to hold at the other end. More ergonomically designed shovels may have a curve in the connecting piece designed to minimize bending and back strain. Mechanized shovels can be much larger -- instead of a handle at the end opposite the blade, there is a vehicle with controls, a cabin for the operator to sit in and controls for the vehicle's motion and the blade. At the opposite end of the spectrum, there are small toy shovels or trowels for playing in the sand, usually with a bucket.

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Older shovels were sometimes made of a stone or wood, but most modern shovels have a metal blade with a wooden, plastic or rolled metal handle. The handle can be short or a long pole. Sometimes the pole will have a shaped handle or grip for easier use.


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