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a wall of shelves

Shelves can be used for storage or displaying items.

Shelves may be attached directly to a wall or part of another piece of furniture, such as cabinets.

Shelves may store books, toys, food, dishes, pots and pans, or linens. They are used to display pictures and other decorative objects, such as figurines.


  • how much weight will they safely hold?
  • are you using the shelves for things you want to see or hide?
  • if you're in a likely earthquake region, would someone be harmed by things falling off the shelves?
  • will you want to rearrange them?
  • do they fit in with the other furniture in the room?
Rearranged shelf display

display shelves


Shelves can be a stand-alone furniture unit, or added to wall space. They come in many different materials. Most are made of wood. The wood shelves can be stained or painted. Plastic, light weight units are common. The plastic units are usually easy to assemble and useful for inexpensive needs where the objects stored are not heavy. They can be useful for storing children's toys. Metal may also be used, especially for heavy-duty materials storage, such as in a garage or workspace.


pantry shelves


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