fresh sheets with a stuffed walrus

Sheets are part of "making" the bed. They go between the sleepers and the mattress and blankets, providing a layer that is easier to clean regularly. They can also be used to provide a texture or feel. For instance, satin-feeling sheets are associated by some with luxury; while flannel sheets provide a warmer, softer feeling. White, cotton, ironed or smooth sheets can provide a clean, crisp sensation; scented sheets can relax.

Materials[edit | edit source]

The actual sheet fabric can be a variety of different materials or fibers: cotton, linen, silk, polyester and others.

The fabric can have different thread counts and finishes: 180-500 thread count, satin, flannel.

Relaxing scents include lavender.

red flannel sheets

Other uses for sheets[edit | edit source]

another use for sheets - Halloween ghost costumes!

sheets used to make a play tent

the sheet fort

The primary use for sheets is part of the bedding, but they can also serve many other purposes. Sheets can be part of a costume: ghost or toga. They can be used to build play forts or tents. Sheets can be used on the walls to decorate.

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