a guest house (in this case a room at a Bed and Breakfast)

A secondary suite is basically a home within a home. It's a section of a structure (and occasionally a separate related structure) for residents -- sometimes known as a mother-in-law's suite, granny suite or guesthouse. Sometimes it's just a separate bed and bathroom; other times it may also have cooking space (a kitchenette or even a small, full kitchen) and a social area (like a living room or den). As well as being used for guests or relatives who visit or move it, it can be used as a rental or for older children who haven't moved out, but may desire a bit more independence and privacy.

Because the secondary suite is often for use by someone who cannot live on his or her own, accessibility is an important consideration.

Compact furnishings or furniture that can serve multiple purposes can be very useful in a secondary suite. Also furnishings, such as folding tables, that can be "put away" when not in use provide a bit more flexibility in the use of the, often limited, space.

an attached guest space

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