Scissors serve many household purposes. They provide a controlled way to cut things. Scissors are also used in other environments and activities, such as gardening, cooking, sewing, other crafts and in workshops.


Don't run with scissors.
-- anonymous saying

Scissors are usually made of two crossed metal blades sharpened to cut on the inner edge on one half with a loop at the opposite end. The two loops may be of different sizes -- one for the thumb and the other for 2-4 fingers. The loops may be made of a softer material or coating. This other material can make the handle end of the scissors more comfortable and provide a better grip and less slipping than metal handles. This is especially important, if they'll be used for extended cutting.

Supplies for Paper Snowflakes

scissors, other supplies for making paper snowflakes and two results

Scissors can vary in length and sharpness. The grip, angle and length of the handles can affect the ease or amount of strength needed to cut things. The tips of the scissors may be pointed and sharp. Some scissors are deliberately made to have less cutting strength and blunt ends to be safer for children to use.


I believe more in the scissors than I do in the pencil.
-- Truman Capote

Other scissors may have decorative handles or handles designed to make cutting easier for special situations or people. For instance, while many scissors are designed with the blades crossed or curved in a way that makes them easier for right handed people, some are easier for left handed users. Scissors for delicate or work on a small scale may have longer handles than blades -- allowing for more precise work. Other scissors are designed for cutting bigger things. Some have features that make them useful for cutting things in the kitchen, such as chopping green onions.

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Scissors and fabric.


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