Fiery Death

a graphic warning (flammable vapors and fire -- a bad combination)

A very important consideration in making a home is the safety of its residents. Safety hints are integrated into many articles on this wiki. Some additional safety related suggestions are given here.

  • fire prevention (see fire hazard) and damage reduction in case of fire
    • test the batteries in your smoke alarm at least twice a year (suggested in the US when the Daylight Savings time changes occur)
    • clean and inspect used fireplaces at least once a year
    • if you live in a fire prone area, clear out undergrowth and dead flammable materials that can build up like fallen pine needles
    • don't store old rags with solvent (on them or next to a storage area with solvents, like paint thinner)
    • hold fire drills and make sure everyone knows what to do in case of fire (how to get out, where to meet at a safe distance from the home)
    • do not leave cooking unattended, especially when frying
  • put safety plugs in unused electrical sockets so small children can't stick their fingers in them (also saves energy on external walls)
  • keep some emergency supplies (flashlight with batteries, bottled water, ...)
  • secure items that may be dangerous, especially those that children could play with and get hurt:
  • have your home inspected for radon gas
  • make sure all fire exits are clear of any objects
  • be careful of setting the temperature on your hot water heater too high, especially if there are small children in the home
  • falls are a serious potential danger for everyone in the house, but especially for young children or the elderly
    • install handrails on stairs and the bathtub
    • use a non-slip mat or decals in the tub and other slippery flooring
    • have good lighting on stairs and landings
    • keep stairs and landings free of clutter
    • install and use a child gate at the top of stairs when there's a toddler at home

Do you have additional safety precautions to add? If so, please add them. Also see special precautions for different ages on the pages for babies (baby safety checklist) and toddlers.

Dead Stop

carbon monoxide detector


See the articles in the safety category too.


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