A large, rural home

Homes in rural areas are much like homes in urban or suburban locations. They may have less access to municipal utilities. A rural home may have its own generator. It is likely to have more yard or garden space and more external storage, such as sheds, additional garage or barn space. Land and materials are often cheaper, so the same amount of money can usually purchase a larger home in a rural area.

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  • Housing Assistance Council which according to their site:
    • "improves housing conditions for the rural poor, with an emphasis on the poorest of the poor in the most rural places in the United States.
    • "offers services to public, nonprofit, and private organizations throughout the rural United States.
    • "maintains a special focus on high-need groups and regions: Indian country, the Mississippi Delta, farmworkers, the Southwest border colonias, and Appalachia."
  • Rural Housing Information Centre (U.K.)
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