Old Finnish rug-smaller

Old Finnish hand-made rug from the year 1936.

A rug is one of quickest ways to change the flooring in a room and its overall flavor. A rug can warm the floor. Because rugs are generally not attached to the floor, they can be removed for cleaning.


Usually a rug is a furnishing and not attached to the ground or floor, except for something to keep it from sliding. While the term "carpet" may be used synonymously, it often means larger, attached floor coverings. Rugs may have pictures or more developed designs—geometrics or patterns.


It's often useful to have a pad or other form of tape under a rug holding it in place so it won't slip.

In the past homes would have rug beating tools. The cleaner would hang the rug from a rope, branch or rail and hit it with the beater to release the dust and dirt.

Guet Room New Rug

an oriental style area rug


Rugs can be made of synthetic or natural fibers. Their primary purpose can be to protect the flooring underneath or to provide decoration. Rugs come in a huge range of prices.

Some things to consider when selecting a rug:

  • appearance
  • cost
  • durability
  • size
  • fabric
  • cleaning
  • placement (indoor? outdoor? bright light—consider fading, whether it can handle dampness)


red, decorative "Khali" carpet



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