sheets used to make a play tent

One of the uses of a home is as a refuge. It's a place to go feel safe and secure. Just a building, a house, apartment or other structure does not create a refuge. We make a place a refuge by what we do in it, who we share it with and the feelings we develop about it.

My favorite corner. Mini library.

a reading corner

Often, we build special places within our homes that provide a refuge or retreat from our daily chores. An adult may have a special room, a den or a space, such as a reading corner or craft space. A reading corner can be created with a comfortable chair, a place to keep some books or other reading materials, a good reading lamp, a blanket or comforter and a place to put down something to drink. A space for crafts can also be useful, such as a woodworking set-up in a garage. A bedroom can become a place for meditation as well as sleep by making it more relaxing with soothing colors, sounds and scents.

Many children create a play space using existing furnishings and materials -- the space behind other furniture, a space enclosed by sheets or a large cardboard box (such as large appliance, like refrigerator or dryer, packaging). By allowing children to have such spaces, you can reduce the general chaos that occurs when children feel unsettled or bored.

The fort in all its sheet glory

the sheet fort


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