Circle of dolls

a circle of dolls - dressed in fabric scraps

Rags or cleaning clothes are useful to help with household chores. You can cut up old clothes or towels to make cloth rags. Some people prefer to sew a hem around the edge.

Most rags are stronger than paper towels and can be cleaned and reused repeatedly. Cloth rags are also often more absorbent than paper.

Rags or scraps of cloth can be used for:

  • dusting
  • wiping up messes
  • polishing
  • doll clothes
  • costumes
  • packing material for fragile or sharp items
  • temporary protection to keep things from scraping or damaging other items when moved
    (For instance, when you move an appliance to clean under it, it can be easier to move and protect the floor, if you use rags, cardboard or gliders under the appliance's feet.)
  • greasy auto repairs

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