A picture of a front decorated radio

The radio( set) can bring in music, news and entertainment. Modern radios take up very little space and will pick up stations in many places.

Radios can also be decorative. Some are water proof for use in areas like bathrooms. Many radios are integrated into other devices such as stereo systems. Some radios are now designed to pick up broadcasts over the Internet as well as the airways.

When radios first became available for consumer purchase, the family would often gather around to hear favorite shows.


  • analog versus digital
  • size
  • presets
  • speaker quality
  • style
  • antenna or reception range
  • alarms -- waking, emergency
One of my new (old) best friends

A picture of an older (or a newer) portable radio


In case of emergencies involving power outages, it is a good idea to have at least one radio that is battery or otherwise powered. Some radios can be powered with a crank that you turn a few times. This allows you to hear emergency warnings and alerts. Some radios have a related feature that they will play an alarm when the local government has an emergency broadcast.


Its an 8-Track Tape Player, Baaabbby

A picture of a "modern" style 8-track tape player radio


There's a wikia on a w:c:radio, but it doesn't have much content.

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