The Quilters

"The Quilters", a "period picture"

Quilting is one of the activities that used to be a common household task or chore and is now a hobby practiced only by a few. However quilts are still a prized heirloom or work of household art. Patterns can be traditional or modern. The sewing is sometimes still done by hand, but a sewing machine is often used, at least for parts of the work.

During the early growth of the United States, quilting was sometimes a social activity on the "frontier". Quilting was a way to turn scraps of cloth into useful objects. Now it is a hobby, a way to honor the past, and an artistic outlet. Sometimes quilts will be made out of fabric from special items as a way to create a fabric scrapbook of a life or special event. For instance, a quilt could contain pieces of a christening dress, clothing worn for the first day of school, wedding clothes, etc. Now, there is also technology to print pictures on fabric that can then be pieced into a quilt.


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