Colorful pottery

fun, colorful, pottery

Pottery can provide an artistic touch and can also serve utilitarian purposes. It is made of clay. Sometimes it is glazed with a paint that is often glass based with small amounts of minerals or metals to provide color. Then it is fired (heated) to harden. The glaze can also provide protection against the elements.

Colima Dog Perro

pottery figurine - Colima Dog or Perro

Pottery can be made into dishes or decorative objects like figurines or statues. It can also be used to decorate other items, like walls, garden edging. Tiles can be made of pottery. Items made of pottery have been found in archaeologic sites around the world.

Sicilian Pottery

Sicilian Pottery - plates, bowls and cups

Dish with Design of Reeds in Mist

pottery - dish with design of reeds in mist


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