a potted plant

Do you like plants or gardening? Are you limited in what you can plant outside? If so, you might want to consider some potted plants indoors.

Many different kinds of plants can be put into pots or planters and grown indoors. You can grow food plants, flowering plants, other decorative plants — even small trees can be grown indoors.


Spring gardening

potting soil, pots and other supplies

The materials needed will vary depending on what you want to grow and your situation, but the usual basics are

  • plants (plants, cuttings or seeds)
  • pots or other containers
  • soil (or other media, may vary based on the type of plant — sand, compost, clay)
  • water
  • light (access to sunlight and/or alternative lighting such as light bulbs that give off full spectrum lighting)
  • fertilizer, compost or plant food (may be optional)


Do you have a "green thumb" or do you need to pick a plant that is easy to grow and can survive "abuse"? Is this plant for the children? In which case you may want something that grows fast and goes through visible changes or produces something the child will enjoy. Do you travel away from home a lot?


Plant care

Different plants have different care requirements. Their requirements vary for light, water, temperature, soil type, etc.



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