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A poster is a decorative piece of art that is usually stuck or hung to walls. There are some door posters as well that are more longer in height and shorter in width.

Posters are used to advertise movies and special events, convey a message or showcase an artwork. Even after movie events, posters can be a momento as a reason of gaining collectable notoriety. Posters come in all different sizes and there are different types of artwork displayed on them.

Posters are popular with teens and also with collectors of some kinds of memorabilia. Initially posters are generally rather inexpensive, but well kept classic posters can be worth quite a bit. Some print shops and photo developers will take a picture and print it for you at poster size. The variety and relatively low cost of posters, make them especially apt for teens and young adults who may have limited spending budgets and be changing decor more frequently as they grow out of "children's styles", experiment with developing their own style and may have to decorate dorm rooms or first homes inexpensively.

Displaying postersEdit

There are many ways to place posters on walls. They can be hung with a frame or stuck on to the wall using adhesives or tape. When you don't care about keeping a poster for the longterm, you can use thumbtacks, pins or pin nails to attach it to the wall. Usually one tack in each corner is sufficient.

If you want it to last longer, frame the poster. This helps remove any chance of dust residue, watermarks or dirt getting on. When framed, a poster is hung the same way as a picture.


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