Plumbing pipes

external pipes

Pipe carries water to, from and within our homes. The water can be clean and drinkable (potable) or waste water. Pipes can affect the quality of the water. For instance, old piping techniques included using lead to join pipes. That results in lead in the water which is dangerous for the drinkers' health.

Pipes are extensive tubes that come in all different sizes sprawled across and throughout the undergrond, houses and buildings. Their purpose is to transport water from one outlet to another, which allow filtered water to be transported from the domestic water systems to the very taps found in homes and other buildings. The water pipes used in industrial systems and by water utilities to transport water may have diameters of multiple feet, but home pipes usually range from ¼ inch to a couple of inches in diameter.

Pipes may also refer to smoking pipes and the musical instrument.

Phrases using "pipe":

  • pipe down - to quieten down.




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