grand piano

There are many different types of pianos or keyboards that can be in a home. Pianos provide music and can support group activities.

Pianos are generally rather expensive. Because of their size, weight and shape, moving them from one place to another can be difficult and expensive.

Some pianos are beautiful works of art.


Pianos come in different styles including grand, baby grand and upright. A variation on normal, manually operated pianos is a player piano. Traditional pianos have a case of wood. The keys used to be made of ivory or wood, but are now often made of plastic. The hammers are usually of wood with some felt. The strings and the frame that holds them are usually made of metal in modern pianos.

My baby

the internal workings of a piano - the wooden hammers that hit the strings to make music


Pianos need periodic tuning.

Extreme changes in humidity can harm a piano. Too much humidity will swell the wood and make pieces stick. Too little humidity can make the wood brittle. Too much or too little can move things out of alignment, and when the strings are the wrong length or tension, they'll be out of tune.


an upright piano and musical decorations


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