Perfumes in bottles

four perfumes in differently shaped bottles

Perfume or "scent" is often added to make people or things more attractive.

Perfumes can be used to help remove permanent pen marks from plastic and glass surfaces, but would not be recommended as most branded perfumes are generally in a high price range.

Some common perfume categories are floral, oriental, woody, citrus, musk, spicy, herbal, and aqueous.


  • People wear perfume or cologne to attract others.
  • Sellers will use a perfumed spray or candle to add a "homey" smell. For instance, they may use the scent of baking apples.
  • Laundry soap or detergent manufactures add smells that are associated with cleanliness ("spring breeze", lavender, citrus, etc.)


  • match to desired mood
  • allergies
  • strengths (see below)


Be careful how much you apply. Your nose will grow accustomed to any scent you wear, and you will not smell it as strongly as others around you. Especially with full strength perfume, it is easy to apply too much. Just a little rubbed off the rim of the bottle and onto a couple of pulse points (inner wrists, neck under the ears, behind the knees) is probably enough.

Name  % Fragrance Notes
eau de toilettes, eau de colognes, toilette water, cologne 3-8 younger wearers
eau de parfum 8-30
perfume 15-40 more expensive, stronger and lasts longer, up to 6 hours
Note: The percentages vary widely with some terms having evolved over time.


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