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cedar patio set with benches and chairs

Patio furniture is furniture specifically designed to be used outdoors as it resists the elements such as extreme temperatures and fluctuations in humidity.

Resin is generally a sturdy, low-cost option that is simple to clean. While the style choices were once limited, resin outdoor furniture now comes in a wide variety of styles to mimic other less durable materials such as wicker and real wood. Resin furniture is also frequently made from recycled materials and outlasts other materials that might split or corrode making it a wise environmental choice.

Metal is another popular choice for patio furniture. The main choices are iron and aluminum. Aluminum is better than iron at withstanding the elements unless the iron is sprayed with a powder-coated, weather-resistant paint.

American Made Commercial Grade Aluminum Furniture.

Traditionally iron furniture is heavier than aluminum, but recent changes in manufacturing techniques have changed, making some aluminum the heavier choice.

Wicker is a traditional option associated with an older generation of outdoor enthusiasts. It's main drawback is that it often doesn't weather as well as other types of furniture. Because of that, it frequently succumbs to splintering. Resin wicker, however, maintains its integrity for a long time.

Wood has the most options available. Pine, acacia, cedar, redwood, cypress and teak are typical choices. Price is generally a good indicator of quality. These sets require a bit more maintenance than other types of outdoor furniture. Upkeep includes washing with mild soap and thorough drying before applying special wood oils. Wooden patio furniture will not keep the same color year after year, but will change gradually to various shades of gray depending on the type of wood it is made from. Teak and cedar are good for outdoors because they have a natural ability to handle damp better than many other woods.

Some people like having an indoor/outdoor rug on their deck. The rug and any other fabrics (furniture webbing or cushion covers) need to be designed to stand up to sunshine and rain.


Some woods need oiling or revarnishing periodically to protect them from the elements. If you live in a place with a harsh winter climate, it will help it last longer if you bring the furniture into a sheltered place during the winter.


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