Ovens are useful for cooking. At its simplest an oven provide a container to hold heat and food, so that the heat can cook, toast or warm the food.

The most common oven style for awhile has been an oven with a door on the front that opens out and down, and with 4 stove burners on top. Now many manufacturers are making variations -- 6 or 8 burners, double ovens, warming ovens, grilling capabilities.

Types of ovensEdit

Ovens are generally classified by the way they heat the food. Some types of oven are electric, gas, solar, convection and microwave. In the case of electric, gas and solar ovens, the type refers to the power source. So, a gas oven, burns gas to heat the air which in turn heats the food. For convection and microwave ovens, the type refers to how the power is used to heat the food. A convection oven uses fans to move the heated air to the food faster, and a microwave uses microwaves to excite the molecules in the food, heating it.


The kitchen

oven (with refrigerator and cabinets)

When selecting an oven, there are many different considerations including efficiency, cooking speed, evenness of heating, size (capacity and space).

Energy efficiencyEdit

some ovens are much more efficient than others; insulation makes a difference, capacity can too

Cooking speedEdit

some ovens can make a smaller space hot, very fast; microwave ovens are quick; sometimes a slow cooker is better for a particular dish

Evenness of heatingEdit

microwaves are probably the worst at even cooking


Oven size can refer to both the interior capacity and the amount of kitchen space taken.

Heating fuel and elementsEdit

gas or electric; gas flame, radiating electric coils, halogen burners, or magnetic-induction elements

Oven temperaturesEdit

Oven temperatures are usually given in Fahrenheit in the US, but in gas mark, also called Regulo, measurements for gas ovens in the UK. How is the temperature set for ovens where you live?

Temperature Description Fahrenheit Regulo Centigrade
cool, very low or very slow 225° ¼ 107°
cool, very low or very slow 250° ½ 121°
low, slow or very slow 275° 1 135°
low, slow or very moderate 300° 2 149°
warm, moderately slow, or very moderate 325° 3 163°
medium or moderate 350° 4 177°
moderately hot or moderate 375° 5 191°
moderately hot, hot 400° 6 204°
hot 425° 7 218°
hot or very hot 450° 8 232°
very hot 475° 9 246°


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