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Many people have the newspaper delivered regularly to their homes. The paper provides news, neighborhood information, entertainment, coupons and can also be used to help with some household and cleaning tasks.

Newspapers can be bought from bookstores and supermarkets. Many people who are "on the go" such as businessmen usually buy their newspapers at newsstands or convenience stores, which are often near a form of transportations such as subways and rail lines. The reason being that newspapers conveniently contain the latest news, puzzles and topics of interest that are readily available to fill up the time that they have going to work, especially for the ones that commute.

Newspapers can be delivered to the house by home delivery or the paperboy. Home delivery may be offered by the local newsagent's store but only offered to people in a certain proximity. Newspaper subscriptions offer home delivery as a package to their services.

Paperboys were more prominent in the delivery of newspapers in the19th and 20th century, however, there is now a decline in the need of a paperboy for delivery as the digital age coming in their places as well as the growing concern for the paperboys' safety.

Newspaper can be used in cleaning windows. It can also help in cleaning other glass surfaces, like mirrors. It can line a cat litter box or the bottom of a bird cage. Newspaper can protect surfaces from craft projects. It can also be used as a material for some crafts or hobbies -- for instance papier-mâché (pinatas, costumes) or origami practice. When using newspaper to protect the underlying surface for a clay project, be aware that the paper may absorb some of the moisture from the clay, so you may need to moisten it more often as you work it.


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