So, you've found a new place to live? Now you have to transfer your existing contents and anything else you want to make it into your home to it. Have fun moving!

Moves can vary greatly depending on things like the distance to be moved, the number of people, the amount of content . Are you moving from a furnished place or are you moving furniture and appliances.

Here are some tips to help you move...

  • There's always more to do than you expect.
  • Pack the things you'll need soon after the move (before you're unpacked) separately and in some way that makes it easily identifiable.
    • For instance, use a different color box.
    • Consider including things like
      1. medicines
      2. a couple of changes of clothing
      3. key paperwork (bills, ID)
    • Some other things that should be accessible during the packing and unpacking...
      1. toilet paper
      2. cleaning supplies
      3. drinks and cups
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