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mirror in the bathroom over the sink

A mirror can server multiple purposes. It allows us to check our appearance. It can reflect light, making a dark space seem lighter, or a room seem larger.

Mirrors serve the practical purpose of letting us see ourselves to aid in cleaning our faces, brushing or combing our hair, putting in contacts, shaving and other personal grooming activities.

Mirrors are often placed in living spaces and rooms to create an enhanced perception of available space in that room, most often the bathroom, the living room and the bedroom. There are many variations to mirrors, its most common attributes including frame, shape, lights, accessories (such as electrical sockets for shavers), as well as touch sensitive.

There are many different superstitions, beliefs and traditions that involve mirrors. For instance, many people believe that breaking a mirror is bad luck. In some cultures, mirrors are covered in a home that is mourning the loss of a loved one. In other traditions, like feng shui, mirrors are believed to improve certain aspects of the lives of the people in the place.

"Smoke and mirrors" is an idiom that highlights something or a situation that appear to be a something we believe it is, but on the outskirts, appear to be something else.