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too many pills; too much medicine

Medicine is something held in most homes. It can be prescription, over-the-counter (OTC) or home remedies.


Taking too much medicine can be very dangerous. Medicines must be kept where young children cannot get to them. Older children and other residents need to be educated about the dangers of taking too much medicine or medicine that is not prescribed for them.

Medicines can also expire. When a medicine is too old, it can be less effective. Some medicines break down creating hazardous byproducts when they age. Make sure that the medicines in your home are not past their expiration date.

Some medicines must be kept within a certain temperature range.

Also be careful when disposing of medicines. Children can get into the trash. Flushing drugs down the toilet or sink contaminates the water supply.

Medicine Storage Edit

Store Medicine in child proof containers out of kids reach.  For your own safety consider getting a pill box with 7 compartments, labeled Mon-Sun so you can remember to take medicine on a proper regimen and not accidentally overdose


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